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Identity is significant to the ways we are perceived, how we frame others,  it is meaning that we project onto ourselves and others, or the projections that interpellate us, in which we recognize ourselves. But what comes first, the conceptualization of ones identity or the impressions of the other? Does the referent precede its reflection, or does the reflection reveal its form?  or, is it a question of entanglement?

The proposition of the sculpture is to create a ‘mise en abymes’ device, a space of reverberations, whose function is the interaction between someone, his/her reflection, others and their images.

The sculpture, a minimalistic structure, a play of mirrors and voids, is designed with geometrical logics that makes this optical experience possible. Form the outside, the bare stainless steel structure reflects the environment where it happens to be, here or elsewhere. Its ghostly appearance, the skeleton of something, in between a space craft, a diamond or an arachnoid, invites the viewers to question the nature of this curiosity, suggesting a connection between recognition and projection. But the interactive experience really happens inside. There are four accesses to the space. To enter the structure you open a window and take a step inside, a hall of mirrors multiply images, portraits, frames, frames in frames, profiles…what you see depends on your coordinates. The center is left empty and inaccessible. Some one else steps in, the other is framed, images are entangle. You can interact, you can leave. A third person steps in, etc…

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