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2020- The Broken Archive, conversation with Agnes Stillger.

2015-2016- FUKT, magazine for contemporary drawing, edition 14. Conversation with basak Senova. p 160-172. ISBN 978-3-9576333-298-2 

2014- Jerusalem Show VII 'Fractures', chapter 1, Intensities. Conversation with Basak Senova.


2018- The Discord, ISBN 978-9950-385-75-7

2018- Christian Oxenius. "A Contemporay Art Experience, A journey Inspired by Rene Daumal's Mount Analogue". ISBN 978-88-57-3877-7

2017- Clogged, Artist book, Shifting grounds, Off-site project of Sharjaa Bienale


2018- Basak Senova. “Regulating Time: The Owl, The Queen and The Maquettiste”. di'van, A Journal of Accounts. Art,Culture, Theory. No 5, p. 82-93. ISSN 2207-1563


2020- Guests, Artits and Craftspeople. p. 64-73. Istanbul Modern. 

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